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Stigma Reduction

Stigma is a known barrier to treatments for substance use disorders and exists in many different forms.

Because a core focus of NC STAR Network is improving access to care, especially among people who are underserved by the medical community, reducing stigma naturally is a critical part of our work. We approach stigma reduction by:  

What People Are Saying About NCSTAR Network

“For a recent college graduate entering the healthcare workforce, the NCSTAR Network has been an ideal introduction to the vital work around addiction and recovery. The team’s passion and expertise have contributed strongly to my awareness of substance use treatment and MOUD to make me a more capable provider during medical school and beyond. And having spent my entire life throughout North Carolina, I feel close to many of our state’s communities and have a strong appreciation for NCSTAR’s wide range of support.”

James Hardy

“With the support of MAHEC, we've moved into a medication first model”

Kati Pressly
High County Community Health

“As a Project Manager, working with NCSTAR has allowed me to build relationships with people at community health centers who work with individuals with substance use disorders across my region and the state. By providing organization and coordination, I am able to help our providers connect with community health center providers and staff to expand knowledge on medications for opioid use disorder. I enjoy hearing about the incredible work our partner sites are doing each day to break down barriers and expand access to treatment.”

Olive Wilbur -NC STAR Network Project Manager

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