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The NC STAR Network is a statewide initiative with an overarching goal of expanding access to addiction treatment for all residents of North Carolina via a network model. We are a group of clinicians and support staff of 3 academic centers who are specialty trained and passionate about connecting communities and healthcare providers.

Our Partners

The NC STAR Network

  • utilizes an INNOVATIVE Network model to create relationships across the medical community and supportive services, allowing multiple avenues to reach organizations “where they are”. 
  • commits to providing NC access to evidence-based practices for supporting those with addiction, ensuring a focus on expanding access to addiction treatment.
  • expands access for addiction treatment in NC utilizing a network of partners and three Academic Centers located in western (MAHEC), central (UNC) and eastern (ECU) North Carolina. This network model creates relationships between Academic Centers, primary care practices, opioid treatment programs, syringe service programs, hospital systems, law enforcement, paramedic programs, and any organization serving those with addiction.

An Innovative Network Model

The NCSTAR Network is composed of three academic hubs located strategically across the state: West (MAHEC), Central (UNC) and East (ECU).

The focus of each academic center is provision of 1) addiction treatment, 2) education and 3) organizational support. Partnering sites are professionals with an interest in treating opioid use disorder (OUD) and other substance use disorders (SUDs). The NC STAR Network commits to keeping practitioners up to date on evidence-based practice, including didactic trainings, in-person and virtual seminars, strategies for successful implementation of addiction treatment into clinical practice, and one-on-one mentoring support.

Our History

  1. 2018

    UNC expands capacity for addiction treatment through implementing a Hub and Spoke model with a local Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)

  2. 2020

    Received sponsorship from Foundation for Opioid Relief Effort (FORE), allowing MAHEC to join UNC as an academic hub

  3. 2022

    Received sponsorship from NC DHHS, added ECU as an academic hub and NC STAR Network was named.

  4. 2023

    NC STAR Network becomes a network model, enhancing relationships between academic centers, partner sites, and additional community resources

  5. 2024

    NC STAR Network launched their “Foundation Series” didactic trainings to partner sites and community groups

Our Partners

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